Math Contests

AMC series

  • 3x AIME qualifier (top 2.5%)

  • 2x MIT Math Prize for Girls qualifier

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Other Contests

  • 9th place team in the USMCA National Challenger

  • 1st in the nation in Mu Alpha Theta Log1 contest

  • 6th in CD at TAMU math contest

  • 3rd in Algebra at UH math contest

  • 3rd place internationally at the Primary Math World Contest

Math Programs

Honors Summer Math Camp

HSMC 2019

Camper & full scholarship recipient

Courses: Analysis I, Combinatorics

Research: "Epidemic Intervention on Dynamic Metapopulation Networks"

HSMC 2018

Camper & full scholarship recipient

Courses: Number Theory, Mathematica

Junior Summer Math Camp

JSMC 2020​

Counselor & TA

Taught students about contest math strategies & solved problems together

JSMC 2017

Trained as part of the PMWC team

Topics covered: combinatorics, geometry, number theory, algebra

IEEE International Conference on Pure & Applied Mathematics

Presented my math research at the 9th International Conference on Pure & Applied Mathematics, and the paper is pending publication. Received the Best Presentation Award.

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Math Initiatives

Inspiring others to learn math!

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FlashMath Program

6-week contest math bootcamp I held with the Kid Teach Kid in which I taught number theory for 300+ students.

Held a special session on math test-taking strategies to help prepare students for the AMC.

Held a fundraiser to donate 600+ masks to front-line health workers at Memorial Hermann.

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inteGIRLS Houston

As a member of the outreach committee of the Houston inteGIRLS chapter, we held a regional all-girls math contest in Houston, attracting students from across the state.

Wrote problems and test-solved the test, conducting outreach to prospective Houston-area students

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Mu Alpha Theta

Officer of the Seven Lakes Mu Alpha Theta chapter

Hold weekly AMC practice sessions

Plan & organize socials

Write monthly problem of the month