Public Health Curricula

Instruction-based Lesson

Lesson Description & Objectives Guide

Outlines each day’s tasks and emphasis points throughout the week. Includes a concise summary about the entire course and a brief overview on what to cover for each day.

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Detailed PowerPoints

Includes all necessary epidemiological concepts to cover in the lesson. Designed for smooth, interactive instruction.

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Outbreak Investigation Tracking Notebook

In-class worksheet packet for students to follow along with the outbreak throughout the 4-day period. The questions will correspond to the daily powerpoints and will serve as their notes.

Designer Notebook

Final Project Instructions & Rubric

Three different project choices offered for teachers and students. Each project is interactive, educational, and creative.

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Mission Statement

An essay written by Stephanie that outlines her motivations for writing Epidemiology Unmasked, the importance of public health education, and its implementation into curricula.


Copy of Epidemiology Unmasked

A free ebook copy of Epidemiology Unmasked given to instructors. It presents the outbreak investigation in much greater detail and is recommended for further reading for students. It can also be used to provide clarification to instructors on certain details of the outbreak investigation. If you would like a paperback copy of the book for classroom use, please fill out this form.

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Daily Homework & Worksheets

Complement and reinforce the concepts taught that day in class.

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Project-based Lesson

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Public Service Announcement

Students create their own public service announcement for an infectious disease outbreak.